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Hyderabad, India

Global Hospitals, a multi super specialty tertiary care hospital with facilities spread across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, today released ‘Stroke is Treatable’ to pay tribute to Stroke survivors on World Stroke Day. ‘Stroke is Treatable’ is part of the larger world movement to create awareness on how stroke is often mistaken for heart attacks. Patients only have a limited time frame to fully recover from a stroke and the video aims to shed light on the lack of an echo system in India to identify Strokes and the appropriate procedures required to treat it.

‘Stroke is Treatable’ also highlights the popular acronym F.A.S.T which is used around the world in order to create awareness on the symptoms to identify if a person is having a Stroke. If the person’s face is drooping to one side, is unable to raise their arms or experiencing slurred speech then it is time to act fast and rush them to the closest facility that offers treatment for Strokes. The WHO estimates suggest, that by 2050, 80% stroke cases in the world would occur in low and middle income countries such as India and China.

Commenting on recovering from a Stroke, Dr Ravindranath, Chairman and Founder, Global Hospitals said, ‘Recognising early signs of stroke and reaching the hospital which has a dedicated stroke team, technology and cross functional expertise helps save your loved one’s life. Stroke is completely curable in majority of patients and thereafter they can lead normal lives without experiencing weakness in any part of the body. We have taken immense efforts to achieve this high degree of preparedness and clinical capability of our expert team at all our group hospitals.’

Dr Venkatramana, Chief Neurosurgeon & Vice Chairman, BGS Global Hospital, on the importance of public awareness for Strokes in India, said, ‘Recognising the early signs of stroke is crucial and plays a vital role in the management of the disease. To achieve this, public awareness has to go up by several notches in India, where even the educated, urban population has trouble in understanding the symptoms of stroke. This World Stroke Day we pay tribute to thousands of stroke survivors, their immediate family members and all clinicians, nurses and paramedics who have helped win lives.’

Having successfully treated numerous Stroke cases, Dr Halprashanth DS, Consultant Neurologist & Stroke Specialist, Global Health City, said, “In stroke there is no first-aid. For the thousands of patients reaching us within the first 270 minutes (4 ½ hours) of the onset of stroke – our treatment has been highly effective. And in many cases, patients are able to talk freely and walk freely without any aid. For us giving them their normal lives back is so satisfying. At Global Health City better outcomes are made possible by a Comprehensive Stroke Team in a dedicated Neuro-intensive care unit for emergency management and post-stroke rehabilitation with physiotherapy, speech and occupation therapies.

But in order to combat the alarming rise in the incidence of stroke, we also offer affordable stroke prevention packages, which help to check risk factors and prevent development of brain stroke. For the general public, we always advice the F.A.S.T (Face, Arm, Speech and Time) concept as the golden rule, to handle strokes effectively.” Added, Dr Halprashanth.

Global Hospitals have released three versions of ‘Stroke is Treatable’ that can be viewed on the following links:,,

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