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On March 25th, 2018, all volunteers of A.T.M. – Any Time Meditation came together as a flash mob in Dilli Haat, INA to celebrate the real nature of humanity: meditation. The goal of meditation flash mob was to generate peace, calmness and awareness about meditation and simple truth about being in the here and now. This is the peace volunteers of ATM are offering to our cities and to the world by breaking the myths associated with Meditation.

A.T.M. believes that there is nothing required for meditation, only meditation is required.

The meditation flash mob was led by our Spiritual Mentor Romshri Ashesh who is creator of Self Empowerment Program for Galway Foundation and also a clinical hypotherapist and vipassana meditator.

The volunteers sat on a platform in the center of Dilli Haat and started meditating quietly. It was a ‘never-before’ scene for onlookers.

“People are stressed everywhere, they’re angry, they’re hurt and they feel hopeless and as a result they pass on this misery to others … So we thought, why not really create an awareness about the simple process of meditation which one can do anywhere, anytime and dissolve the stress in seconds.” said Ms. Romshri Ashesh.

” We’re going to create more and more mental peace, inner focus and compassion by spreading the meditation flash mobs on public places,” she added.

As the volunteers started meditating, more and more visitors began to join and silently watched their breath. It was a delight to witness all age groups ranging from children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens enthusiastically joining and meditating with us.

The C.E.O of science divine living organisation, Mr. Hemant Sahoo also joined the meditation flash mob and shared the benefits about meditation and being in the present moment. Mr. Sahoo shared his precious insights about meditation, intuition and spiritual evolution with the participants.

He said, “It is a very beautiful initiative by Galway Foundation. Meditation is the only way to receive true happiness and liberation from all sorrows. When you watch your breath, you remain in the present moment and truly live this life.”

Dr. Y Suresh Reddy, the director, SRF Foundation dedicated to education transformation; also became a part of meditation flash mob.

” This is first time I meditated in such a crowded and noisy place. It was such an amazing experience to feel so meditative, calm and relaxed being a part of this event.” said Dr. Reddy.

Mr. Rramesh Tickoo, Pro India Tourism participated too; he said, ” It is a very good initiative to create awareness about meditation which will produce happiness and peace.”

ATM- Any Time Meditation is a meditation awareness revolution by Self Empowerment Program that is breaking the myths about meditation.

We go to public places and urge people to sit and meditate with us for a while.

When you watch your breath, you become calm with in.

How to meditate

Step 1: Sit with us.
Step 2: Close your eyes.
Step 3: Tell your mind to relax and accept the noise and crowd, if any.
Step 4: Start watching the natural inhale and exhale of your breath.
Step 5: If your mind flickers, it is natural. Bring your awareness back to your breath and continue witnessing it.

That’s all!

Meditation is not a rocket-science. It is simply “Watching Your Breath”.


We all know how important meditation is for us but we have plenty of excuses to postpone it or never do it. Through ATM, we are spreading the awareness about the fact that you do not need any special arrangements or conditions, only your breath and awareness is enough

You can not remain stressed the moment you watch your breath
*Habit of witnessing your breath leads you to a happier, healthier and stress free life! *

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