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Quick Heal Foundation, Pune.


Puberty is the age where the peer pressure is high; children are unable to understand the changes happening on physical, mental and emotional level and at the same time no one is there to answer their question. Hence it is possible that children can worship wrong personalities as an idol and can be attracted towards addiction.

Hence Pankh organised “ThetBhet“ programme for the 8th and 9thstd students from HutatmaBalveerShirishkumar Vidyalaya.

The Chief Guest Deputy Commissioner of Police  Mr. Tushar Doshi , Md. And CEO of Quick Heal Securities, Mr. Kailas Katkar, Anti-Terrorist Squad officer Mr. Arvind Gokule, Education Officer Mrs. Meenakshi Raut, Director of Aardarsh Mitra Mandal, Mr. Uday Jagtap, Director of Bhoi Pratishthan Mr. Milind Bhoi were present on this occasion.

Total 365 students from 8th and 9thstd were attended the “ThetBhet” programme. It was a great experience for students to ask questions directly to the dignitaries.

The programme started with the welcome ceremony of the dignitaries. The introduction was already provided to the students hence they were ready to understand more about the dignitaries as well as to get answers of their questions.

Mr. Tushar Doshi addressed students initially and later Mr. Kailas Katkar communicated with students.

Students asked about raising crime, the role of Police, how one can help to the person who has gone through abuse, Cybercrime etc.

Mr. Doshi expressed his thoughts and views. He said that parents have to check their children’s’ mobile regularly. Students also have to notice the changes happening around. They have to participate in activities with open eye as worse effect can be experience if the decision is wrong.  The impact of the wrong action can be reflecting on mental, emotional and social level hence it is important to take the right decision.

Mr. Kailas Katikar expressed his views regarding values, available resources, hard work and focused perception towards future. He further explained that he also has suffered a lot in this past life. What made him suitable and perfect for the current position are his values and efforts he put in his past life. Education do plays an important role in life. But more than that it is important to notice the change happening around, strengthen our values and achieve the success with focused hard work. He also said that don’t lie to others as well as with self. Use and develop your abilities and skills instead using available sources for the fun. Eg. Internet. One has to notice the changes happening around and learn from it.

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