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Its Important to strengthen destination governance, to promote collaborative Tourism, Said Dr. Francois Bedard.

Addressing as keynote speaker on the occasion of World Tourism Day& International Summit on “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”jointly organised by “Conscious Ventures, India & MHCI Consortium, Mauritius”, Prof. Francois Bedard, CEO World Centre of Excellence for Destinations/Canada &Affiliate Member UNWTO, virtually launched “Sustainable Development & Responsible Tourism Network (SDRTN)” in presence of dignitaries from more than 12 countries/regions.

Its important to bring innovation and digital transformation to create new jobs & promote economies through travel & tourism at the local/regional level for the inclusive growth , said Dr Bedard.

In welcome address, Dr Anil Jaggi, founder – Conscious Ventures spoke about the new inclusive approach of community development through tourism sector and how to link this with UNSDGs 2030.

The objective & purpose to launch “SDRTN”, is to network with like minded organisations globally & to work towards the recovery of this sector (post Covid-19) with much more responsible & ethical approach, said Dr Anil.

Maga Ramasamy, Cofounder of the Sustainable Development & Responsible Tourism Network (SDRTN)& Senior Partner- MHCI Consortium, Mauritius also welcomed all participants present and shared brief road map of SDRTN and offered collaboration to link Tourism4SDGs.

Prof. Roger Harris, founder of Roger Harris Associate,Hong-Kong shared his long Community Based Tourism experience with indigenous community in Borneo in Malaysia through his “e-Bario& Malaysia Home stay programme. During & after Covid-19 scenario, there is a need to explore new working models in Virtual Tourism space, said Dr Roger.

Another Community development projects to empower rural women through community based tourism was presented by Vinita Dixit, Head Public Policy & Government Relations Airbnb India and South Asia.
A case study of Airbnb with Gujrat based leading CSO SEWA (Self Employed Women Association)& DEF (Digital Empowerment Foundation), was also shared by Vinita.

Dr Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer, Director University of Malaysia, Sarawak spoke on Systematic approach for holistic development through Tourism and shared new partnership model under “Asia Pacific Partnership for Rural & Responsible Tourism (APPRRT)”, to develop & strengthen this sector &to achieve UNSDGs by engaging all stakeholders.

Nicholas Lee, Country Coordinator, GPF- Thailand-Cambodia & Secretary-General, Global Peace and Development Service Alliance , spoke about the importance & interconnectivity between “Peace & Tourism” and spoke about the mission of his organisation to bring peace at every stage of the society with focus on young population.

GPF will surely support & contribute this endeavour under SDRTN, said Nicholas

Other guests present were Manoj Bist-France, Dr Sunita Pachar-Founder VBFT, Ram R Pant-GPF-Nepal, Tim – UNIMAS, Manish Rathod – CompanyCSR, Tran Thi Thu Oanh – Vietnam, TW Harsono Pane – Indonesia, Prof. Anil Gupta – Jammu University, Prof. SK Gupta – HNBG University, COL RAKESH SHARMA Ajmer, Alex Kwasi Wiredu – Ghana, Nilesh Joshi – S Africa

Vote of thanks was given by Maga Ramasamy

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