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As the festive season is nearing its end with Diwali and the winter season to commence thereafter, it is crucial to understand the importance of health during the entire winter season which must not be ignored at any cost. Fortunate segment of population which is able to beat the cold waves in the country are able to take care of themselves; but India has a majority of population which is unfortunate and looks for shelter, clothing and food to sustain the winter season. Real estate sector is largely employment driven as being one of the major contributors to generating job opportunities in the country. Also, there is employment generation from bottom to top of the hierarchy. Hence, this sector plays a vital role during the winter season to provide much needed relief and perks for its pillars and serves ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ towards the nation.

“Every year India reports maximum health ailments and loss of life cases during the winter season. It is therefore most important for every corporate to fulfil their duties towards the society by providing any and every means of assistance to its manpower through shelter, food, clothing or others” states Mr. Deepak Kapoor, President CREDAI-Western U.P. & Director, GulshanHomz. GulshanHomz is a pretty prominent name in the realty sector of NCR’s corporate social responsibility which has always been doing its bit for the society through different activities. Blood donation camp, distribution of blankets, free medical camps, adopting a school, are a few activities that the company has undertaken. Adding to view, Mr. Rupesh Gupta, Director, JM Housing says “It is imperative to understand the value of human life and accordingly provide them with benefits that are unavailable to them. Every winters we undergo a series of health awareness campaigns along with several activities for the labour to make sure that not only do they stay fit but are also able to perform at work with utmost efficiency and effectiveness.”

CSR in India has been gaining popularity as the presence of MNCs and corporates have increased over the years. “The culture of CSR is extremely popular in the western hemisphere which has gradually gained prominence in India as well. An act of CSR does not only signify the value of human life or society, but an act of respecting others and providing the unfortunate with something of value. Real estate sector in India has taken up CSR as a priority since it is heavily employment driven”, avers Mr. Mukesh Khurana, MD, Rudra Buildwell. Highlighting how real estate does its bit for the society, Mr. Amit Chaudhary, MD, Rhythm Ccounty explains “During the winter season, examples of most important deeds are usually providing shelter, clothing, food and medical assistance in case of health. In this sector during winters, developers offer clothing in form of blankets and warm clothes, food in form of dry fruits and other eatables, shelter in form of temporary houses around the project sites so as to reduce travel and provide cosy shelter. For medical aid, frequent doctor visits, medical camps and health awareness camps are implemented”.

Thus, as the winter season kicks in, developers in the sector become proactive to secure their employees and the habitat, by performing various CSR activities. “CSR has become an integral part of modern day work culture in India. It shows a company’s dedication and devotion towards its employees and the society who is the real backbone for them. On the other hand, because this sector caters to both; product and service industry, it becomes vital that society is not ignored at any cost. Any good deed done for the society and its people helps in direct brand building as well, which is most important for any company to perform in the long run”, concludes Mr. Rakesh Yadav, Chairman, Antriksh India.

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