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Serving Bureaucrat , Dr Heera Lal, IAS is  officer with passion , compassion &  empathy. With  more than three decades of public policy and administrative experience, Dr Lal is coming  with  very  humble background  from rural district of Basti, Uttar Pradesh.  Electrical engineer by qualification, Dr Heera Lal,  holds a Masters degree in Public Administration from Maxwell School of Syracuse University, USA & Ph.D. in ‘Role of ICT in Achieving Good Governance’.

Revolutionary by nature, Dr. Lal has held various administrative positions over his career. He was the DM (District Magistrate) of Banda where he conducted 22 highly successful development experiments. Some of these included increasing ground water table level, increasing agricultural productivity, introducing jail reforms which made Banda’s jail ranked number one.

His election drive of increasing the voter turnout won accolades from the Hon. Prime Minister of India himself. He was instrumental in transforming Banda and helping reduce its backwardness on various development parameters. Adopting a formula of no-or-low cost model of development, Dr. Lal’s initiatives are practical, effective and driven by people-participation. With his vision of transforming Indian villages to make our country stronger, he is also an Honorary Mentor to Model ???? (Model Village), a non-profit initiative which educates and empowers villagers towards holistic development and transform their village into an ideal/model village.

In a  candid e-Chat with Dr. Anil Jaggi, Executive Editor &  CEO –Conscious Ventures, Dr.Heera Lal shared his  views   about  the roadmap of   his dream project “ Model????”.


Q: Being a part of many developmental projects as a Sr.  bureaucrat  of  large state  like Uttar Pradesh ( UP), how  do  you  define  your  new  “Model???? (Model Village)” project different from others. Please do share your  views and objectives behind  this  with our readers.

Model ???? project aims at holistic development of village instead of working on one or two facets of development, it works on all conceivable areas of development simultaneously, secondly, it assumes that unless the primary stakeholders of the villages that is Villagers themselves becomes the partners and owners of the development process, development will remain skewed, exclusive and unsustainable. Participatory approach of Model ????   keeps it in a different genre as compare to other projects. It starts with mobilization of people of entire village and their switches on to identify the change makers in the village and moves on to convert agriculture into agribusiness with a view to empower and enrich the villagers

Q: How is your experience so far to move in the direction of Model ???? to achieve define goals.

As the project is only two and a half months old, It is too early to comment on its achievements. However it has generated immense interest and curiosity among different people ranging from agriculture to academics and the villagers themselves. Many people have started taking initiative for instilling the idea of village manifesto among the rural Folks.

Q: How the project is able to identify buy online viagra australia & engage all stakeholders i.e. farmers, women, rural entrepreneurs, local thought leaders in constructive & participatory manner.

Model ???? team is engaging people through webinars and making presentations to rural development institutes , management institutes , villagers, FPO promoters and rural youth.

Q: If  we compare this project with previous Govt. sponsored projects, conceived & executed by local Govt., NGOs and CSOs (Civil Society organisations), what is your learning & take way .

The major take away of Model ????   project is the participation of primary stakeholders at every stage of the development process as the key catalyst for achieving the goal of the project, secondly bottom up approach has larger potential of delivering the desired results.

Q: What is the involvement of Center & State Govt. and how do you envision their pro-active role and involvement to make the project  successful, model & effective for  village  transformation in 21st century.

While the government is not directly involved with the initiative, our operation is based on government’s successful people-participation model. We make people aware about various government schemes and programs and take forward the government’s vision of ‘people driven’ development.

Q: Are you approached by any other District or state to seek your help to replicate similar projects in their region.

As the Model ???? project Has been unfolded only recently. Its replicability will take some time to be appreciated.

Q: Would you like to share major problems & challenges you and your team faced in executing such project & what is the level of acceptance & appreciation at political (leadership) level .

No major challenges other than mobilising the people around the idea of Model ????  , has been envisioned at this stage. However, it acceptance and appreciation as a rural development approach has been unprecedented across the board including political leadership.

Q: Have you  approached India Inc. /Pvt Sector to come forward and support such noble projects under their strategic CSR framework and how is the response so far .

We are implementing the project in partnership with ICICI Foundation. If Required, we shall approach other institutions/ agencies for participating in the project in future.

Q: With New Agriculture bill and Center  Govt. commitment to increase framers income by double, is manifesto  of  Model???? project, working on similar lines .

The Model ????   is aiming at all round development of villages including  increase farmers income. Our village manifesto has identified 24 areas of required interventions.

Q: Finally your suggestions for young leaders in Govt. , Corporate, Civil Society and Academia to come forward and under take such selfless project(s), in order to build   happy, healthy & prosperous India.

Our suggestion for young leaders in Govt. and other organs of society is to keep rural development in the centre of their thoughts and actions. A country like India with its overwhelming majority living in rural areas cannot be happy , healthy or prosperous if rural India is ruled by deprivation , scarcities and dogmas.

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