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The well known ‘Millenium City’ of NCR, Gurgaon or Gurugram, is all set to get its very own development authority that has been anticipated as a junior administrator for the city and will eradicate the mandate of getting all the files approved from Chandigarh. Having a development authority in Gurgaon was a long awaited dream of lakhs of residents and hundreds of developers who have for long now sought removal of multiplicity of agencies in Gurgaon. This will allow quick approvals for the infrastructural work in the city that has been the biggest cause of concern for the inhabitants and future residents. Even the developers have had a very hard time in pushing the sales as infrastructure has gone for a toss and people are reluctant to make a purchase in the region.

Speaking yesterday on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar said, “Gurgaon Development Authority will be set up. I am making this announcement on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. Corporation (MCG) polls will be held after GDA is formed. We have two months to work out the nitty-gritty.” According to the announcement, one thing came out that Gurgaon development authority will not take MCG’s place. 1st November will mark Haryana’s 50th formation day and thus, the CM seemed intent to pin it with a strong turn in governance by setting up the Gurgaon Development Authority. This decision will go down in the history books of Gurgaon that will bring about a transformation in the shape of Gurgaon as a region. Real estate sector is especially going to benefit from this decision as infrastructural front will become smoothly active, which in turn will support the realty sector of the region. Manoj Gaur, President CREDAI-NCR & MD, Gaursons India Ltd. said, “Gurgaon as a city today is regarded as one of Indian’s foremost corporate hubs with a cosmopolitan population that it has brought along with it. Infrastructural deficiencies were a major cause of concern as this was driving the fresh demand away and sentiments of the inhabitants was getting negative. Gurgaon getting its own development authority will allow faster approvals that will further help the infrastructure work to be carried at a greater pace. Once the infrastructure in the region witnesses a revamp, the attraction quotient of the region will improve drastically and demand will come bouncing back.”

Kushagr Ansal, Director of Ansal Housing states, “Over the past one decade, Gurgaon as a region has progressed a lot which has allowed the realty sector here to grow vertically. Infrastructure on the bigger fronts such as Airport and Metro rail was made available long back, but the same was observed to be lacking on other levels, such as roadways, sewage management, public conveyance, order and justice, etc. These reasons over the time had become a pain for the residents and commuters here. Now with a development authority in Gurgaon, things will function very smoothly especially on the infrastructure front. Timely approvals and monitoring will allow the region to develop the way it should have earlier.”

“Gurgaon has contributed immensely towards the development of Haryana as a state. The contribution of the private sector towards the development of Gurgaon cannot be ignored. Real estate sector gladly welcomes this move as now the final authority will sit here and make swift decisions. The existing residents will make the most out of it and developers will have a better infrastructure to promote in times to come that will assist the realty sector in the long run. The untapped and emerging regions towards the outskirts of Gurgaon will take the benefit through the ripple effects that will come along with the better development of infrastructure in Gurgaon”, avers Rakesh Yadav, Chairman, Antriksh India.

Vikas Sahani, CMD, Property Guru concludes, “Gurgaon has been the crown jewel of NCR ever since its evolution and there have been many reasons which can be attributed to this feat and has been attained. Prime reasons being the location advantage, ground connectivity and solid infrastructure; and getting the air connectivity was the biggest boost this region could expect. With all the corporate giants looking to set up their head offices here, and everyone looking to find a shelter nearby, it was all bound to witness sudden surge in demand. This could be catered only with an independent body situated locally. Talks had been on for this body to come up since long but finally it will see the dawn very soon and ideally solve the purpose of timely approvals and better administration.”

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