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New Delhi

The ongoing 36th India International Trade Fair 2016 (IITF) , at Pragati Maidan, was visited by the Secretary and Ministers of Haryana Government on Thursday. The dignitaries included Kavita Jain, Minister of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana Govt. and Rakesh Gupta, Secretary to Chief Minister of Haryana. Both the dignitaries visited the Haryana Pavillion to experience and explore the most novice machine in Earthquake alerting technology which is being exhibited by Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd.

The device is designed to alert onsite earthquake prior to its occurrence on registering a magnitude higher than 5 on the richter scale and also cuts down the power, gas and other supplies in such a situation. The machine as marketed by Terra Techcom Pvt. Ltd. is an early earthquake warning and security system (EWS) which has been brought in India for the first time in a joint venture with secty LifePatrons, a German company. This machine will have a detector rooted deep in ground which will be receiving the earthquake waves and instantly buzz the alarms to alert the people around it as well as it will signal the machine to hinder the gas, electricity and other supplies to cut loose the further hazardous effects. The device is catching much of attention from everyone in this year’s Trade Fair, and is already being installed by 26 countries like Indonesia, Chili, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany and others.

In India, Haryana Government has showed keen interest towards the same and has installed two such products in the state. Speaking at the occasion, Bijendra Goyal, MD of Terra Techcom said, “Our motive to bring this device in India was to reduce the hazardous effect and loss of life in the regions which come under seismic zone 3, 4 and 5. Since 2006 to 2010 in whichever country our device has been installed, it has never failed once to give accurate results, and we look forward for the same in India.”

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