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In order to encourage prompt development in Ghaziabad, a meeting by CREDAI Ghaziabad was held wherein a number of developers turned up to exchange views and opinions to bring about significant change in the district. The developers expressed their views on RERA and discussed the challenges being faced due to the enactment of law. The members like Manu Garg, President of Ghaziabad  and Gaurav Gupta, General secretary of CREADI Ghaziabad  marked  the apprising meeting and  suggested various measures to combat civic and infrastructure related issues such as untreated sewage, underpass drainage, pollution, lack of greenery and more. The members of CREDAI also explained the consequences developers can face if they fail to adhere to green norms during construction activities. The meeting gave special attention to the solution for pollution as it had recently led to an alarming rise in the city.
“Being a  managing committee it’s always a constructive plan to meet and hold discussions with the concerned industry members because there are disagreements within the developers and their stakeholders wherein it becomes relevant for us to suggest them the right recourse to take action and to ensure that their rights are upheld. These meetings help us to understand various problems that the developers face while executing leveled up plans” explained Gaurav Gupta, General Secretary, CREDAI Ghaziabad.
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