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Rotary District 3190 is celebrating its third Annual Karnataka CSR event on 28th Feb 2020; This conference is to celebrate the contribution made by various stakeholder towards community service in various verticals that you have implemented in Karnataka for socio-economic development of this State. The world we belong to is a much better place than yesterday-Thanks to Corporate Citizens like you!

  • Are we giving back more than what we take from Society?
  • Are we moving towards Strategic CSR and sustainability in our activities to create economic output and wealth?
  • Would we be leaving the world a better place for the next generation that what we bequeathed from our previous generation?
  • Are we aligning ourselves to SDG 2030 and making significant contribution towards improving HDI

These would be the overarching questions we will ruminate upon when we meet on Feb 28, 2020.


28th February 2020  at HOTEL ROYAL ORCHID, BANGALORE. For Registration,
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