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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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  • Whitenife guides corporates to regard gifts for their employees, clients & stakeholders as a reflection of the brand values & philosophies.
  • Carving a niche for itself in the fast growing corporate gifting market, Whitenife’s Ethical Gifting Catalogue instills over 750+ unique, eco-friendly & socially impacting products under its umbrella.

In an endeavor to cater to the growing demands of the 13,000- crore corporate gifting industry in India, Whitenife, has curated the world’s largest Ethical Gifting Catalogue with 750+ eco-friendly and socially impacting gifts ranging from INR 6 to INR 35,000. “The macro-trends in India indicate a sincere and a rising wave of social & environmental responsibility. The Swachh Bharat campaign lead by Shri. Narendra Modi, the company’s act that mandates organizations to contribute 2% towards CSR programs, increasing social media connectivity that rewards responsible initiatives and the compounding rise in literacy rates in India, have all contributed to this change,” says Ms. Sonia Agarwal, Founder & CEO of Whitenife.

The changing landscape of the corporate world has a distinct ramification on the crowding corporate gifting industry, making it evolve into a more dynamic and a vibrant place for its customers who look to delight their clients, key stakeholders and employees, with not just physical objects but a gifting experience that is an extension of their brand communication. Hence, corporates today are investing heavy resources in conceptualizing and designing their gifting programs. “There are plenty of generic corporate gifts that are available, but corporates are increasingly struggling to find gifts that are unique yet utilitarian, rich yet affordable, that reinforce the company’s brand values & align with their CSR initiatives; that’s where Whitenife comes in,” says Ms. Agarwal.

Associated with 65+ brands & NGOs including WWF, Akanksha Foundation, Conserve India, Whitenife is a leading pioneer in Ethical Gifting, that houses 750+ gifting options for corporates & weddings that create lasting impressions and support a spectrum of socio-environmental causes such as education, women empowerment, animal cruelty, water pollution, social development & disease control.

Each industry, organization & individual has a different gifting culture. Many MNCs, financial institutions and IT companies are drawn towards innovative, technologically advanced gifts that allow them to be perceived as pioneers & thought leaders. Whitenife showcases their range of sophisticated laptop bags, back packs, ties & marathon goodies that are made by PET plastic bottles that overturn the problem of plastics with a fresh perspective & technology. The pharmaceutical giants aim to identify gifts that help build a deeper relationship with the medical community & create high brand recall. Whitenife recommends desk accessories, laptop bags & health gadgets for them. Whitenife houses a large variety of desk accessories that help provide quality education to children. Some gifts help empower women & some sponsor medication for diabetic & hypertension patients. On the other hand, real estate entities often engage in client gifting to delight their customers. Whitenife recommends confectionary goods, spiritual figurines & neutral home utilities for such entities. Whitenife’s potted plants and vegetable wax candles are perfect & responsible house warming gifts. “Regular paraffin wax candles are petroleum based and give out toxic gases just like a car exhaust. Our vegetable wax candles not only come in exotic flavors but also are beneficial for health,” explains Ms. Agarwal. Many organizations structure their gifting in tiers, reserving the most exclusive gifts for their top management and investors. Whitenife’s exclusive MC2 pocket-squares, scarves & paintings will not fail to impress. Each design is a beautiful & an accurate representation of our universe, captured by NASA’s Hubble telescope. 5% of the proceeds from the same are donated towards space scholarship programs.

Some of the larger conglomerates gift in high volumes during festivals and need to identify budget friendly, gender neutral, high utility gifts that will appeal to a large audience.  Whitenife has specially identified family-oriented gifts that range from INR.20 to INR.250 for these organizations.

Whitenife aims to use the power of gifting to empower communities and conserve the environment by promoting the concept of ethical gifting which is catching up fast with organizations vying to create lasting impressions & consolidate their brand communication.

In addition to large corporate organizations, many families are embracing the concept of ‘Ethical Gifting’ in order to make their big fat Indian weddings more memorable. Classic silver photo-frames that help empower women, wide range of soya candles in ornamented jars, MC2 space inspired scarves, organic honey procured from cruelty-free bee farms, vegan chocolates, festive potli bags for smaller wedding functions, and Whitenife’s exclusive range of couture chocolate truffles that pledges ‘a truffle for a truffle’ to the underprivileged are popular hits.

“The trend of sustainability will be crucial in the coming decades, and the gifting industry is shaping accordingly. At Whitenife, we present the world’s largest Ethical Gifting catalogue, ‘Gifts that keep on Giving’, with the vision of letting gifts multiply itself, to strengthen relationships, conserve the environment, empower communities and repay as a positive ROI to your company. Through our platform, we intend to bring about a vibrancy & depth into this new trend of gifting and provide the industry with the much-needed momentum to take it to the next level,” says Ms. Sonia Agarwal, CEO & founder of Whitenife. In 2014, Whitenife evolved to become the Asia’s largest marketplace for Ethical Fashion and now grew to house the world’s largest catalogue for eco-friendly & socially impacting gifts. Having presence in both these segments has helped the company understand the dynamics of the market, house a large portfolio of products and product categories, engage with innovative concepts that create socio-environmental impact and curate cost-effective gifts that are green & CSR-friendly; making Whitenife the one-stop shop for entities to explore ‘Ethical Gifting’.

About Sonia Agarwal :
A graduate of Babson College, Sonia Agarwal melded her pursuits of business and fashion by studying abroad at Istituto Marangoni (Paris) and at Universita Bocconi (Milan). Sonia has held a truly diverse range of responsibilities. Her fascination with the choices made by society led her to work as a journalist at CNN-IBN and then as a junior market researcher with AC Nielsen. She furthered her passion for fashion by working at Accessorize, Nautica, Guess and other retail brands. In 2013, Sonia continues to diversify and inspire the women in India to be the future leaders of tomorrow. She was recognized as “Top 50 most innovative student entrepreneurs in the world” by Kairos Society. She desires to revolutionize the world into becoming more tastefully responsible with Whitenife. She, also, is a co-founder of educational start-up – Freshmentors and serves on the Board of textile giant – Donear Industries Ltd. Apart from being a passionate businesswoman; Sonia has channeled her spare time towards writing a bestseller and becoming a certified horse-rider.

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