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The world has come to standstill with the emergence of life threatening pandemic – COVID19 or Coronavirus as we call it. It has taken the lives and livelihoods of millions, got the savings to zilch, overwhelmed the healthcare system of the most advanced countries, broken families and much more. The Universe halted!

Amidst the ongoing comes a realization that is this how we can continue in the future? Is Capitalism or Socialism the only way of any Economy to function? Or is it a time to change, time for evolution, time for the new to seep in, disrupt and set in new standards, new benchmarks, a new economy – Responsible Economy – Sustainable Economy!

In order to institute and accelerate the process of building Responsible Economy by enabling Responsible Businesses, IICSR Group has curated a series of online courses on CSR, Sustainability and Responsible Business practices from September to December 2020.

A string of 8 courses empower the officials to take more informed decisions and to have strategic vision for the company.

1) Future focussed reporting and measurement tools (Base and Advanced) – September and December

2) NGO Fundraising and Brand building – October (

3) Climate Change and Environment Management (Base and Advanced) – October and November

4) Social Entrepreneurship – Disruptive Innovations – October (

5) Strategic CSR and Sustainability Communications (

6) Responsible Investments – Investors Perspective December (

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