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New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Hunger Forum awareness fundraiser for the cause of hunger was organized by Responsenet on 25th March. The evening brought together corporates, schools and individuals to discuss how companies are helping in the fight against hunger, in support of the Delhi NCR Foodbank. This initiative is creating an impact to help realize the potential of children, families, and, the communities they live in, by creating access to fresh meals every day across 10 cities in India.

“We are engaging our customers, partners, and employees to take an active part in the Add Hope global initiative, and will feed over 20 million meals in India, by 2020,” said Lluis Ruiz Ribot of KFC and Yum Brands, India.

“To make it easy for individuals and companies to support feeding programs and provide immediate feedback on where donated funds are used, was the thought that made me start ‘Feedsomeone’,” said Lubna Siddiquie, co-founder, Feedsomeone. ‘Feedsomeone’, lets individuals donate meals through a simple app which, within hours, enables the individuals to start receiving geotagged images of where the donations were used. The beta version of Feedsomeone app is available for download on the app store and google play. This app will also help companies create a connect at various corporate and customer interfacing offline locations.

Mamta Rani Agarwal, Joint Secretary, UGC, emphasized that the cause of providing meals as a foundation to build for health and education of children is a foremost focus that needs to be addressed. A hungry child cannot be educated and access to meals in schools helps children learn and stay in schools.

“Responsenet started the Delhi FoodBank in 2012 and has been actively working in the fight against hunger. The system of creating feeding programs was started with a focus to provide freshly cooked meals, every day, to those in need. The program currently provides over 15,000 meals daily to school children belonging to the lower strata of society. We are excited about bringing in technology to help spread greater awareness and, simultaneously, let donors see where they are making an impact” said Kuldip Nar of Responsenet.

“We want to ensure that the fragmented philanthropy can take advantage of this system, see the difference they make to society and, through this awareness, reach a target of providing a million meals every day,” said Tarun Khanna, an advertising professional, and art connoisseur.

The evening also gave recognition to many more companies and individuals who lent support to the Delhi NCR Foodathon food drives last year. Bank of America won the prestigious award for the maximum support for 2016-17. The award ceremony also saw Indigo Airlines, win the award for best employee engagement and Protiviti for best corporate initiative to support feeding. “We are honoured to be associated with such a noble cause which is very close to the heart of our business and look forward to supporting the initiative many times over,” said Rajat Sethi of The Grand, Delhi, which was felicitated for the continued support to the Delhi NCR Foodbank.

Priyanka Raina, a well-known philanthropist, and social impact entrepreneur pledged her support, among others, for this noble cause.

Through the evening the audience was entertained by a scintillating performance by Nitin Mirani, a Dubai-based international comedian.

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