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While driving a Vehicle, to make sound of a Horn louder is harmful to People and Environment. Traffic problems are being increased day by day in india, such as to drive a vehicle in wrong side without speed in controll, to overtake wrongly, to park vehicles at random, not to use a helmet, besides there is a hawking too, this means that to play a horn on a road even though there is no need. The areas of the country which are declared silence zones like hospitals, schools etc. Where horns are played more and more. The problem of air horns which are very keen and loudy, is increasing pollution of noise and sound can be harmful to environment and hearing power of human kind as much limit as can not be tolarable. While driving a vehicle, it has been a fashion now a days to have horns that can tear ears. For this reason, ” No Horn Movement” has been come in to existence by Dr.Professor Gora N. Trivedi, The Chief of Amal India Education and cheritable trust, Rajkot. In the same way, under the same trust, by Rahul H. Rathod, “No Horn Movement” is held in the cities of the kutch district in Gujarat state like Anjar,Adipur, Gandhidham and Bhuj.

Team Amal India, running No Horn Movement in Kutch region

During this movement, the pamphlets having written disadvantages of using a horn without need of them, are distributed to vehicle drivers. More over having sticked stickers of ” No Horn Please” on vehicles, people are explained what are damages of playing high tone horns without any need. Which is preased by local public as well as Traffic police also. Last sunday i.e. 18.02.2018, the team meet Rixa association of Anjar city and explain them to disadvantages of hign frequency horn, they are agreed and now declared full support to No Horn Movement.

By this way the Team Amal India tried to reduce noice pollution.

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