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Companies are increasingly ramping up their focus on social responsibility, whether its championing women’s rights, protecting the environment, or attempting to obliterate poverty, on local, national, or global levels. From an optics perspective, socially responsible companies project more attractive images to both consumers and shareholders alike, which serves to positively affect their bottom lines.

With this view we understand how crucial it is for companies to be aware of every aspect of CSR and Sustainability.

We, at IICSR successfully conducted an online course on Introduction to CSR and Sustainability dated 20th to 25th June 2020. We had a felicitation ceremony on 27th June for all our participants (included students, teachers, CSR executives and curious minds) where we appreciated them with digital certificates in presence of Ms.Elaine Cohen, Founder: Beyond Business, Author CSR for HR“CSR for HR: The COVID-19 differential”

Key Takeaways of our session:

  1. Legal facts: India and International
  2. Application of CSR and Sustainability in Management Verticals
  3. Reporting and measurement tools
  4. Social Entrepreneurship
  5. Communication – CSR and Sustainability
  6. Fundraising for NGOs

We would also like to extend our heartiest thanks to Dr. Anil Jaggi, Dr. KK Upadhyay, Dr. Smriti Pahwa, Ms. Meera Tenguria and Mr. Dhimant Chovatia for being the tutors for this course.

We at IICSR offer a range of online courses from leading corporate sustainability experts from across the globe. Our courses have been created by the best CSR Experts who have decades of experience in enabling top organizations across the world to build sustainable corporate practices to protect the environment and enable a better world.

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