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Wealth and Wisdom are two sides of a coin. We get the blessings of the Goddess of Fortune Lakshmi once we are blessed by the God of Wisdom, Ganapathi. Hence, in Hinduism, Lakshmi-Ganapathi are worshiped together.

Earning Wealth is way above and more than just gaining riches. It is about character and having compassion towards people. The ‘Service-ability’ is very critical in the overall growth of both an individual and the business.

An Entrepreneur obviously is passionate about ‘Sales’ and hence, is running an Enterprise. However, everyone has to sell to survive. ‘Selling’ as a skill is instinctive and the nature of every human being. Whether as a response in an examination, interview, presentation or a meeting; selling skills are used by every professional.

And sales as a profession in itself demands tremendous discipline, determination and dedication. A sales professional is the actual bread earner for an Organization. ‘Selling’ teaches one the principles of life and is a lot similar to the profession of arms wherein one learns karma yoga by facing adversaries in the field rather than just reading books. Sales is all about ‘Guts & Glory’ and yes, fortune always favors the brave It is about ‘Meeting People’, persuading business with ‘Motivation’, ‘Learning & Equipping’ everyday to build greater clarity/focus and skills, order valium Scaling up with the Team and Leading the enterprise by example.

The entire process of contacting till selling is about the ‘right timing and placement’, just like the bat meeting ball in the game of cricket. If we miss time or miss place, we are out of the game.

Time is precious and so are the right contacts. Seeking referrals from existing clients is a highly effective way of contacting and selling. Social Media is a good tool for branding and networking but it can never substitute the good old conventional way of selling. Selling is done through interaction and we have to meet people to ensure our personal touch. One should spend at least 4 hours in the field everyday. The more we meet people, better for us and the business.

Failing is fine as it teaches us to value success. Equipping ourself everyday helps us to stay focused and motivated. Learning to manage ourself and the team comes with experience. One should have been lead first before aspiring to lead others.

The decision to set humongous goals and essay a brilliant success story is and will always be with us. The more we excel in sales, more we experience prosperity. Wishing you Success & Abundance in Life.

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