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The soul of Braj Federation is an NPO , headquarter in Vrindavan (Mathura). It is born with the pure intention to serve all brijwasi’s as Written in Srimad Bhagavatam “My beloved Krishna, I want to become a servant of your servant”

SOBF has been focusing and trying to make a positive impact on the living standards of the economically poor and disadvantaged people of braj by helping them to provide basic health care facilities and sanitation. We are continuously leveraging basic facilities like Clean water to drinks and hygiene food to multiply our reach and also preserving old heritage.

During the lockdown, the team of Soul of Braj Federation Try to Distribute Food Ration Kits , Food Plates Distribution , Mask , detail Soap and sanitary Pad .

One of the biggest challenge , women and girls have never used sanitary napkins, reason being, lack of information, accessibility and affordability. They rely on unhygienic alternatives. In order to provide them an access to sanitary pads, the team started a distributing sanitary napkins in slum areas.

Our team approaches urban women and enlighten them about the problem prevailing in the rural areas and how they can contribute. Till,today, Soul of braj Federation has distributed 11,000 sanitary napkin packets through donation.

SOBF has been working round the clock last 2 months distributing sanitary packets , Food Kits , Mask , Dettol Soap , Food Plates during lockdown.

We Like to Thank all Our well wisher and supporters , who helped us during this Covid-19 Lock Down Period.

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