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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Seven Seas, a heritage brand of Merck along with Actress Raveena Tandon initiated a campaign – #UnlockPotential for the underprivileged children on the occasion of Mother’s day. As part of this campaign, Raveena urged all the mothers around the world to come forward and help #UnlockPotential of these children. Through an appeal, mothers who have had the honour of raising their own children were invited to extend their care and support for other children through NGOs.

Seven Seas along with Raveena Tandon wants to raise awareness among mothers that if right care and support is given at a young age to the children in all walks of life- including NGOs, they too can excel in ways unimaginable. At an event held in Mumbai, 3 extraordinary mothers from Mumbai and Pune were recognised for their efforts in transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Maharashtra. These mothers started the NGOs – Sharanam Centre, Signal School and the Families of Joy Foundation.

A child is at the peak of cognitive development between ages 0 – 12 years. And during this period, the child needs a good amount of care and support in order achieve his/her full potential in future. Parents, specifically mothers play a big role in the overall cognitive, emotional and physical growth of a child. Mothers, therefore need to make sure that they provide their children with the right care from the beginning which nurtures them to grow into better human beings. Children are like seeds, if well nurtured they could become like a garden of beautiful trees.

“In this appeal to mothers, we aim to raise awareness about the nurture needs of children from all walks of life, right from a young age. Children, if given the right care, could reach great heights and therefore it is important to raise consciousness about caring for all children. Through this initiative, we envision to build a community of mothers that helps children through these NGOs in the years to come”, said Mr. Milind Thatte, General Manager Healthcare & Managing Director, Merck Limited.

Speaking on the initiative Raveena Tandon, actor and mother said, “Being a mother, I know how important it is to give utmost care to a child especially between ages 0-12 when the child is developing. I have been associated with Seven Seas for the longest time and I love the way they’ve created this platform for mothers and children to learn from each other. I would personally urge the Mommy clan to come forth and share love. We as mothers can contribute immensely to these growing toddlers and make the world a better place.”

Taking forward this philosophy, Seven Seas through events in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai brought together hundreds of mothers and children on Mother’s Day with this unique initiative. At the Mumbai event, mothers and children from various communities and walks of life interacted with children from the NGO Signal Shala. Through various fun activities such as Story-telling, Origami, photography and painting sessions, the mothers engaged with the children and made their day more joyful.

Motherhood is an esteemed gift that makes all mothers naturally caring where they share their love and affection and bring about a positive change around them. Through #UnlockPotential, Seven Seas along with the NGOs aspires to help nurture the less fortunate children and support them in all ways possible.

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