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With Youngsters  entering Indian Silicon Valley everyday  from different  corners of the country  in search of better n brighter future, the city  of lakes & gardens “Bangalore” is  now facing another kind of  environmental problems. Experts  says that  “Bangalore” is dying a thirsty death way too soon.  Very true.  I also feel  the carrying capacity  of  Bangalore is already  exhausted and apart from regular traffic jams, choked roads, supply  of  clean drinking water is major challenge for locals. Many  housing  societies including posh  area like Kormangala  are   only surviving on paid tankers supply. Now, the  Million Dollar  Question is   for  how  long ?

Venture  Capitalists  are feeding  $ Billion  Dollars in  Startup eco system in Bangalore  but   what is the  point of  such financial prosperity  when  the city  will not   have  the supply of  its own drinking water,  vanished flora and fauna   and  buy antibiotics no prescription uk hassles free traffic…

Many   such  initiatives are taken by  local  authorities and corporates  but its highly impressive  when you see a  common  citizen is putting his/her extra ordinary efforts to save  its fragile eco system of  this  lake city.

Ashutosh Sharma, native of  Uttarakhand is  another such  person, I came  across who is  working    hard to  revive  its   beautiful lakes  by  planting tress  around them.In  the  last  7 years, more than six thousand  fruit trees are planted   around Kasavanhalli lake  by  Ashutosh successfully with  team of residents and volunteers and  the results are   quite tangible  to  find its  biodiversity , are saved back. You  need to have passion to do  something for your   mother  earth and to make  your surrounding  sustainable and beautiful, said Ashutosh,  independent  Green crusader  of Bangalore

Delighted  to share  video link  to  find about his work  & passion-

[youtube youtubeurl=”F-eX3zdy0AE” ][/youtube]

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