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NEW DELHI: Designing and planning of high-rise building exclusively discussed in two day’s conference organized at PHD chamber of commerce and industry. This conference was organized by Indian association of structural engineers, where Terra Techcom grabs all the attention and appreciation for its Early Earthquake warning system.

In the conference, experts debated and kept their point on the preparation and effectiveness of high rise buildings and hotels in Delhi against any natural disaster and unexpected situation. In the last session earthquake was the major topic of discussion, in which Terra Techcom became the center of attraction for everyone. Mr. Bijender Goel, MD of Terra Techcom also gave the live presentation on the working of onsite Earthquake warning system. He explains that this machine can reduce the losses of life if it will be used in places such as Hospitals, Malls and Hotels, Airport, Bridges and other high rise buildings. The machine’s alarm get turn on automatically when get hit by the primary wave which come few seconds earlier then the distractive secondary waves of an earthquake coming from its epic center. Mr. Goel added that earthquake is such a natural disaster which is tough to predict accurately but with the help of onsite earthquake warning system, we can minimize the losses as much as we can. Recently Haryana ministry installed this device in their mini secretariat in Chandigarh and Office in Hippa at Gurugram. After installation in 26 countries such as Mexico, Switzerland, Pakistan, Haiti, Indonesia, Germany, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Kazakhstan etcin last 10 years, Terra Techcom introduces this machine in India with their German partner Secty Electronics GmbH. This joint venture brings to the South Asian countries, the first ever earthquake Onsite Early Warning and security System.

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