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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Real estate development, in the context of rapid urbanization, has ended up being a scenario where cities across India are fast turning into concrete jungles. On one hand, green cover is being destroyed to create space for further development and growth and on the other, once the concrete jungle is created, there are attempts at beautifying the concrete structures through ornamental greenery. Across on-going projects, the Hiranandani Group has sought to make a difference, instead of creating concrete jungles the focus has been on giving back to Mother Earth as also to citizens the all-important aspect of a clean and green ecosystem.

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our nation once said, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” If one understands this logic, then the Hiranandani way of creating townships can be easily understood, says Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani. It is all about meticulous planning and precision engineering which has lead to acres of gardens and greenery dotting every Hiranandani project. Residents of Hiranandani projects are proud to live in a world-class, sustainable township – one that promotes a holistic way of life. ‘Living in sync with nature’ is what projects by the Hiranandani Group have delivered. True to this ideology, every project conceived and created by the Hiranandani Group is planned and created in a manner that ensures it is in the midst of nature.

Ensuring that the flora and fauna are in sync with the local eco-system, the in-house horticulture department ensures that only indigenous plants, native to that particular region, are grown. In turn, these indigenous species of trees and foliage invite migratory birds to create their own little spaces on them, helping preserve and maintain the biodiversity of the area. The man-made and ‘ornamental’ greening also gets done, in form of beautified traffic junctions as also green road dividers and landscaped walkways.

The ‘Green Engineering’ projects by the Hiranandani Group includes optimum use of water by recycling and reusing water resources, through rain water harvesting as also sewage treatment plants. This intelligent usage of recycled water not just ensures lush, green spaces it also ensures that the water table of the location keeps getting topped up. Similarly, organic manure and compost are used in place of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. The creativity and hard work done by the in-house Horticulture Department has resulted in prizes and accolades being won by various gardens, parks, green patches and locations where green beautification has been done.

“We believe in economic development without the depletion of the gifts Mother Nature has given us,” says Dr. Niranjan Hiranandani, MD, Hiranandani Group. “Eco-friendly and sustainable is how the Hiranandani Group strikes a fine balance between holistic living and concrete development,” he concludes.

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