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Yoshi Sano, young entrepreneur, native Japanese, who grew-up and educated in USA. During School days, Sano was highly influenced by the system support for handicapped community living in Oregon/USA and started thinking how he can also support such noble endeavours at young age of just seventeen (17).

At thirty (30), working as professional Forex trader with plenty of good time Sano visited more than 30 countries to understand how to guide & support young children.

Finally in 2017, Sano founded his own NGO “SDC” and started working for his childhood dream to support young kids, especially poor, marginalised & orphans.

Looking at his passion, work & credentials SDC, was invited by Cambodian Govt. to support education of poor children there. Sano was able to mobilise some investors from Japan to raise funds to support his project in Cambodia in order to achieve UN SDGs through Donations, charity & CSR.

In formal Chat with Dr. Anil Jaggi, Editor- CompanyCSR, Yoshi Sano, Head SDC, spoke about his aim and objectives.



Q: Please  tell about your mission and  NGO you formed?

Looking at many pressing problems and fragile issues, our aim & mission at SDC is first of all to follow up SDGs indicated by United Nation.

Q: What was the Philosophy behind this  to form SDC and for which geography, you prefer to work and why ?

We would like to try to do something  like Japan did many projects & accomplishments  for Taiwan in 1890s. This is investment for us&Taiwan  was most supporting country when Japan got earthquake or other tragedy. Taiwanese are still obliged & feel thankful to Japanese, what they did  for them long back.

Q: How you will be able to achieve your mission?

Our mission is long time projects, so I cannot see any  short term plans. Something we have to do is to pay back to Cambodia & people of Cambodia because we do many investments to real estate& other sectors in Cambodia So, its our obligation & social responsibility to do something worth here and education in the area we would like to support in Cambodia.

Q: Being a native Japanese, why your choose Cambodia as your project country and  what kind of  challenges you find here.

Cambodia, has gone through difficult phase in seventies and people here are innocent and poor. Apart from that we (Japan) have special bond with Cambodia and would like to serve and support people of Cambodia for their social and financial prosperity and happiness. So we are also trying our best to bring some tangible results through SDC.

Q: Cambodia, As we know past was very painful, what is your say on this and how as Entrepreneur and Civil Society head, your suggestion to local as well as world community to help Cambodia to progress in right direction for inclusive development.

Very true, problems are still there and life is not so easy for poor people. But It seems, Cambodia is moving in right directions, regarding its economic growth. Our main aim is how we can help them to provide world standard education for poor children here, as well as adults ,which will help to improve their social, economic and governance system.

Q: your suggestions to the youth of this country?

We introduced many investors in real estate here, which is profitable. but we announce, that when you get capital gain& profits,you have to invest back for the welfare of the local community as an obligation, as special thanks to this country and local community, especially youth.

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