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As we all know, the world today is changing dramatically, yet the dilemma is that despite the advancement of technologies, materialistic affluence & borderless virtual world, we are still living in an era of despondency, ambiguity, trepidation & fomenting conflicts all over. Identity & religion based conflicts are becoming more prevalent. Societies are becoming increasingly secular & materialistic with loss of ethics & values (family, social, political & business).

Today, the world has to understand that we are not here merely to make living as a human being, we are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, compassionately & with greater vision that resonate with our common humanity. As we know, global corporations hold the future of our planet in their hands & can contribute directly and indirectly to most of 21st century’s ecological, political & social challenges.

In the age of globalization, sustainable goals (UN SDG’s) & strategies give corporations the choice to get ahead of curve, defining and redefining new rules and being order modafinil online rewarded by our stakeholders for behaving ethically, responsibly & consciously.

GEA- International strongly feels that spiritual awakening (consciousness) of business leaders is essential for peaceful existence, ethical business actions and equitable growth & hence proposes to accelerate this process by connecting & linking sustainable businesses, strategic CSR framework with spiritual behaviour of the Senior management & delighted to announce 1st International Conference on “Ethics, Sustainability & Spirituality” in Rishikesh (Uttarakhand) on Friday 1st December 2017. For more information, please visit or

Being responsible & ethical organisation, your participation as sponsor, collaborative partner & resource person will be of great help in providing a valuable inputs in the dialogue and developing future framework for working group (WG). So you are welcome to join hands to create new Conscious Leadership combining with Sustainability, Holistic CSR with “Socio-Spiritual Responsibility”.

You can download Conference Brochure and Registration Form from the following link :

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For Conference, Pls. Contact :

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