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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

The International Society of Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgeons (ISMSICS) and HelpMeSee jointly announce a series of events for the upcoming Comprehensive Cataract Conference 2017 (CCC 2017), including demonstrations of HelpMeSee’s simulation-based training program to address the shortage of well-trained cataract specialists worldwide. The conference is organized by ISMSICS as host of the 2nd World Conference on MSICS on December 1-3, 2017.

CCC 2017 will be attended by hundreds of experts in cataract surgery who will share their insights and experiences in providing quality cataract care. HelpMeSees’ global team will present solutions which support surgical training and patient safety. Both HelpMeSee and ISMSICS strongly support Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS), a high quality, quick, and low-cost solution to end cataract blindness and treat visual impairment throughout the developing world.

Founder and Chairman of ISMSICS Dr. Amulya Sahu, who is a well-known eye surgeon and organizer of this global conference said, “CCC 2017 is a platform for eye surgeons from around the world to share their expertise and learn about innovations in surgical techniques and technology. We are excited that attendees at CCC 2017 will be able to get demonstrations of HelpMeSee’s simulation-based training tools for surgeons to learn MSICS without fear of damaging a patient’s eye. It is a great innovation, which I am sure every training institute will want to have in the future.”

During the 3-day conference, HelpMeSee will host two scientific symposiums on “The fundamentals of simulation-based training in MSICS” and “Technology-driven community-based approach to cataract patient care to eliminate cataract blindness”. Representatives from HelpMeSee will provide attendees with hands-on demonstrations of its virtual reality Eye Surgical Simulator developed to rapidly scale training of highly-skilled cataract specialists. The integration of this simulator and courseware used in this simulation-based training program is currently underway at HelpMeSee’s Learning Development Center in Mumbai.

Jacob Mohan Thazhathu, President and CEO of HelpMeSee said, “Together with expert participants at CCC 2017, HelpMeSee will explore opportunities to scale surgical training in MSICS. Affordable solutions to treat cataract blindness can only be achieved by well-trained MSICS specialists in every community. HelpMeSee is committed to working together with ISMSICS to accomplish this mission.”

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