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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Hack for Change, the hackathon series focused on solving real-world problems to bring about social and environmental change, held its first hackathon on Sunday January 8th. Hosted by Intertrust Technologies Corporation, at the Garage, a start-up accelerator and co-working space in Lower Parel. Creative minds from technical and non-technical backgrounds came from far and wide to pitch their ideas on caring for the elderly, food security, improving the air quality, creating smart villages.

Team Morpheus (Sheetal Kadlag, Harshad Kulkarni, Pranit Jaiswal, and Ananya Satoskar) pose for a team photo after claiming the 1st prize

The winning team, Morpheus (Sheetal Kadlag, Harshad Kulkarni, Pranit Jaiswal, and Ananya Satoskar), received ?50,000 and 4 dinner vouchers at the GlassHouse restaurant, Hyatt Regency, Mumbai for a web application that connects organizations with excess food to NGOs and people in need. The HackStreetBoys (Paren Nikunj Desai, Chirag Jain, Shyam Mehta, and Monik Pamecha) won second place and a prize of ?25,000 for their platform and suite of apps for the elderly and caregivers which included prescription notifications, SOS, fall detection using an accelerometer, etc., and supported an Exotel Hotline to contact the first available doctor, location tracking, SMS reminders, push notification, and regional languages. Alpha2Zeta (Rahul Kashyap, Rohit Kashyap, Mudit Mittal, Bhushan Shah, and Vishwajit Shivdavkar) won third place and a prize of ?10,000 for their simple and smart panic button buy generic inderal la which generates a distress signal. Team Freisenberg and Team 8 got honourable mentions for their projects on air quality and app for the elderly.

Participants listen attentively during the opening remarks of the inaugural Hack for Change hackathon
Participants and mentors discuss each team’s projects throughout the hackathon

YourStory was the media sponsor. Other sponsors included global startups Kiora for last mile content delivery in lower bandwidth areas, PlanetOS an Estonian startup for data intelligence that helps wind farm operators and renewable energy service providers boost efficiency and reduce costs

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