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aking the child security to the next level, Cradle to Crayons playschool, Gurgaon, an initiative by Suncity World School has deployed first of its kind Child Tracking System for the safety and security of their children. This Indoor Location Tracking system uses Bluetooth devices within the school premises to provide near real time information to parents, which is being done for the first time in India. It uses GPS devices in buses to track kids while they are on their way to school and back and show the location live to the parents on their phone apps in a map. While within the school, the system tracks the kids using the Bluetooth Low Energy enabled badges known as EvoTags. The location is provided to the parents through the mobile Apps. Parents can download this Application from Google Play Store and the sign up, information is provided to them by the school. The mobile application shows the movement of the child through tiny footsteps. Inspired from Harry Potter’s Marauder’s map, the tiny footsteps move from location to location in the school based on the child’s movements.The children are given EvoTags that have a Bluetooth low energy-transmitting chip which helps to track the kids within the school premises. Bluetooth devices are installed in the entire school premises which receive signals from the tags and locate the child step by step. The badge is prepared with the latest Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology due to its use of extremely low power signals (less than 1000 times a normal cell phone) to allow them to be worn by small kids for long durations. The trackers are based on Nordic semiconductors chipset, using which different products have been provided FCC/CE/ROHS certification as well. BLE Technology based products have also passed stringent US certifications to be worn by new born babies. The application also provides meaningful information parents like homework, circular, class work and attendance through mobile app notifications which are near real time. This solution runs data analytics on the location data to detect any behavioral or security issues and enables quick reporting to parents and the school.

Tulika Negi, Head, Cradle to Crayons said “We have been closely working with Evoxyz Technologies on a smart solution for our Playschool. Indoor Location Tracking is a breakthrough initiative. Now parents can get a near real time location update of where their child is within the school. With the data analysis dashboards of indoor location feature, we are able to see how the student location patterns are within the premises. This way we can track early enough if a child is spending more time in unintended locations and ensure child safety.”

The indoor location tracking system has been developed by Evoxyz Technologies, headquartered in Gurgaon. The Indoor Tracking feature is one of the features in Evoschool suite of products from Evoxyz Technologies, that are used for School-Parent Communication and School management. Evoxyz Technologies and Cradle to crayons play school, which is an initiative of Suncity World School has come together to increase the safety and security of the children.

“When my child got admitted to cradle to crayons we had no idea on how effectively this school is using technology to help parents. They have taken a fantastic initiative to let us know the Indoor Location of the child within the school. The CCTV coverage was there in other Day cares but it was always restricted. I was never able to have a complete view of the entire school and where my child is within that. This solution has provided me that option. We have migrated from Australia very recently and have not seen a solution like this there as well. I am very relaxed that cradle to crayons has done this for me”, says Geetika Dubey, mother of a student.

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