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Did you ever think that you can meditate anytime, anywhere? Sounds simple? But have you actually done it?

If not, here is a great news! Self-Empowerment Program Galway Foundation is bringing an awareness campaign about meditation under the guidance of spiritual therapist and mentor Ms. Romshri Ashesh.

Ms. Romshri Ashesh is a leading Meditation and self-help program called Self Empowerment Program for past five years and now A.T.M. is also being planned up as another revolutionary project for humanity by her.

We talk about meditation, we share quotes about meditation and we appreciate meditation. We all know how stress is consuming our mental peace and still we postpone all the positive practices by making excuses. Meditation tops this list. Under the A.T.M. Revolution we are going to remind humanity that meditation is not any complex thing and you can do it anytime, anywhere. We are going to develop a culture of meditation on our planet.Romshri Ashesh

What is ATM revolution: Well, ATM stands for Any Time Meditation. It is a free of cost initative by Galway Foundation. We all know that how important meditation is for our peace of mind and quality of life; yet we tend to postpone it. People usually have a plenty of excuses and associated myths for NOT doing meditation! The Self Empowerment Program Team is committed to spread the awareness about meditation by ATM revolution.

ATM is a friendly nudge that says Pause, Sit here for 5 minutes ONLY, close your eyes and keep watching your breath. The volunteers of team will be going to malls, airports, railway station, parks and other public places, just to sit and meditate with common people. Anyone can join ATM team as a volunteer by writing to

Ms. Romshri says, “No breathing exercises but WATCHING simple, natural inhale and exhale of BREATH is meditation!


Anytime, Anywhere!”

The launch of ATM is scheduled on March 10th, 2018 in Delhi and team is super excited to sustain and develop their project in coming times.

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