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New Delhi, Delhi, India

Freshmen’s Valley today, officially announced the launch of its ‘Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan- Kaise badayen rozgar va aaye, kyunki mahila sashaktikaran ka yahi upaya’. The social initiative is aimed at making women financially strong and socially independent. Freshmen’s Valley believes that women are the cornerstones of change, and with this belief the corporate has unveiled its social initiative, to create a change at the grass root level. The campaign educates women about various income generating opportunities available to them today and the tools to leverage these opportunities. Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan was inaugurated by Mr. Anant Choudhury, Director, Freshmen’s Valley, at Hironi Village in the Sambhal district (Uttar Pradesh).

The initiative took-off on a strong note with a participation of almost 350 women and girls of the village. The session commenced by highlighting the importance of socio-economic independence and the opportunities that are available to women to leverage and therefore better their lives. There were sessions on how the women can learn new skills, benefits of being tech-friendly and the inference was that education is key to betterment.  Freshmen’s Valley also highlighted the many ways that the company could help these women build a better community and create a better future for their children.

Since most of the women present, owned cattle or worked with dairy, the session also included an in-depth segment on cattle care and milking methods coupled with measures and precautions to be taken during milking process, to deliver safe, hygienic and clean milk.

Speaking on the occasion, Team Leader- CSR Initiatives, Freshmen’s Valley, Ms. Tanya Joshi, said, “Freshmen’s Valley, is a corporate which is committed to give back to its local community. The company is keen on creating a sustainable and better socio-economic ecosystem for its dairy farming community and their families. I feel buy soma 350 mg online that at the heart of every family is the woman, which is why we feel that by empowering them, we will help create a stronger and better environment for each family. Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan, is aimed at the betterment of women by not only educating them about the opportunities available to them but also equipping them with vocational training which will create stronger economic avenues for them.”

The interaction at the end of the session validated that the women themselves were eager to get involved in activities like sewing, stitching, embroidery, computer training, candle making and pottery, thus ensuring that they lead an empowered and independent life.

As the next leg of the Kaushal Vikas Abhiyan, the company is planning to set up an IT enabled community development center. The center will provide computer & internet education (starting from basic level) with an objective to help the rural mass equipped with technical strength and bridge them with urban market and also create employment opportunities.

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FRESHMEN’S VALLEY was incorporated in 2014 with an objective to create a dairy business which is an amalgam of traditional values and cutting edge technology to provide quality and hygienic dairy products of international standards. The core objective of the company is to bring ‘fresh milk within 24 hours’ from farm to consumer table using high end processing and packaging technology to preserve nutritive value of milk and other dairy products. Company further believes in creating sustainable business model which not only delivers quality product to the consumers but also benefit it’s most important stakeholder i.e. farmers. It had created an eco-system for farmer’s which includes skill development and advisory to improve farmer’s earning and brings overall development of the region.

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