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DanceSmith Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd. a Delhi based Dance Production company has taken a very unique initiative to link Entertainment with Education, named “Entertainment for Education”. In the initiative DanceSmith is contributing a percentage of their profit share to Child Education with the help of India’s one of the most trusted NGO Smile Foundation.

DanceSmith Performing Arts. Pvt. Ltd. is India’s Leading Performance and production company into innovative Bollywood style engendered by blending Indian Classical and Indian Folk. The company is all about their own interpretation of Bollywood by merging diversified culture of India. Dance Smith came into operation in September 2012 by Mr. Sujit Kayal. DanceSmith experiments with Bollywood Dancing and its presentation to represent it with all international standards. It has created a milestone by performing 2100+ shows till now and create a new era of Bollywood Dancing in Live Entertainment.

Mr. Sujit Kayal, Founder of DanceSmith Says, “Our main motto is whenever we perform at least one child should go to school. Usually people cannot relate entertainment industry with education but we want to change this prospective and this is just a small step in the direction.”

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