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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

With India celebrating 70 years of Independence and rising awareness about public health and safety, it is time to take a pledge to become responsible citizens and be aware of our neighbourhood surroundings to ensure safety of our residences and structures. According to an estimate over 2,600 people in India lose their lives every year (7 lives a day) due to building collapses. In spite of such severe repercussions, it is still an aspect that is often overlooked. Structures become weak due to poor waterproofing practices and not being able to resist water ingress. Dr. Fixit, a leading waterproofing expert, will initiate ‘Freedom from Leakages’ drive during this Independence Day to create awareness about ill effects of water seepage and leakage through various initiatives.

Mr. Ashish Prasad, President-Sales & Marketing, Construction Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd, said, “Several catastrophic structural failures have occurred in the recent past and resulted in injuries, severe damage, death, and/or monetary losses. Many of the failures occur because small signs of danger are ignored as there is a tendency to delay which further makes the situation worse. Regular structural audits must be carried out every few years and small cracks must be filled in time to ensure complete safety of a structure.”

Water leakages are a huge concern for any house and usually ignored until the monsoons arrive and till you hear the pitter-patter of raindrops not only on the window but also inside your bedroom, kitchen or living room. The monsoon rains are a welcome relief from the summer heat but can wreak havoc for homeowners. Homeowners are often left to get used to with water leaking through various parts of the home, whether it is the bathroom or the kitchen on the floor above or external walls or even the terrace.

Structures have to go through the damage caused by Sun and Rain throughout the year. The consequences arising from such issues could be long lasting and take a heavy toll, not just in terms of repairs and a new paint-job, but also on a homeowner’s health and on the structural integrity of their homes.

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Did you know that water seepage does not only mean having to live with damp, dripping walls and ceilings? It can have a more insidious effect and can even adversely affect your health.

Water leakages have various health consequences, and often they are not caused by leakages themselves but damp atmosphere such as the mold, asbestos and mildew.

The one visible effect of water seepage is the growth of mould on the damp patches in your home or office. This dark and musty-smelling mould aggravates and can even cause asthma, especially in young children. Mould can also be a health hazard if you have a weakened immune system and cause allergies and even a lung inflammation called Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis. The hazards can lead to a slew of respiratory problems, which can be dangerous for anyone on your property.

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Constructions in India are often victims of conventional methods that are used for water proofing roofs. Also, the use of substandard materials in bathroom construction is one of the biggest reasons for leakages in homes. Use of conventional methods is the concern nobody uses substandard products and even if they are we cannot mention it like that its derogatory. Poor waterproofing practices allow water to seep into structures and get trapped in the walls leading to dampness.

One of the most common areas from where leakages occur is the roof. Concrete slabs on the Roof are porous and since they are most exposed to the rain, roofs are the entry points for the water to seep in. Until now, roof waterproofing was done with conventional Brickbat Coba (BBC). BBC is not elastic and therefore cracks after some time due to thermal expansion and contraction.

External walls are another area of concern that is frequently overlooked by contractors and sometimes not waterproofed but are merely given a coating of paint. The consequences of water seepages go beyond the aesthetic damage. Water trickling in through external walls can damage the furniture and also cause electrical short circuits by seeping into the wiring.

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Treating leakages are often looked upon as a colossal task, but with brands like Dr. Fixit spreading awareness and providing the right professional advice, homeowners need not put up with water seepage issues. Water leakages are easily preventable and remedied if homeowners know what products to use and how to deal with water leakage thereby preventing it in the future.

It is for this very purpose that companies like Dr. Fixit provide a team of dedicated technical experts for site inspection who compile timely solution and recommendation reports. Dr. Fixit is on a mission to create Happy Waterproofed Homes and consumers can reach on the dedicated helpline for their queries. Read more on the website

Dr. Fixit also has trained applicators who are the ambassadors for good waterproofing workmanship. The continuous efforts of Dr. Fixit aim for a Leakfree Dampfree India.

Water leakage and seepage might seem like temporary inconveniences. But they can have grave consequences.

So, as a homeowner, make sure you get the best possible solutions for your seepages issues. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

So this Independence Day say no to damp walls, damp ceilings, rising dampness, cracks and leakages.

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