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Conscious Ventures-business with higher purpose ”, a new collaborative project to bring conscious thinking & decision  making culture & values (based on ESG framework)  for new age  sustainable  business models & start-ups has been  launched with highly passionate  team of  professionals from  India, USA, Africa, South Asia & UAE.

Core purpose of “Conscious Ventures- business for higher purpose” is to collectively meet new challenges, world is facing today with emerging opportunities, sustainable& responsible business start-ups & new impact driven investments in order  to strengthen “Atamnirbhar Bharat” campaign..

Conscious Ventures” is an innovating & collaborative platform of domain experts & passionate professionals with primary objectives to elevate ethical & benevolent business culture in the domain of “education, health, technologies, training, waste Mgt. & clean energy” &contribute towards climate change, fair-trade practices, driving social, cultural & gender inequality, governance etc. with ESG (Environment, Social & Governance)  integration, informed   Dr Anil Jaggi, founder & CEO  of Conscious Ventures.

Even  in our  business and professional space , we need to address our connect to ourselves and to our surroundings. Humanity and its health, happiness and well-being are the products of conscious consensus of human values in all dimensions of humanity including cultures, religion, science, and business, so  the mission of “Conscious Ventures” will surly  help  society at large Said Dr. Mahesh Bhatt,  Surgeon, Speaker & Author –“Science & Spirituality”.

Working on purely on partnership model with like minded organisations, “Conscious Ventures”  will   focus  on innovation & community centric business proposals& investments  with  capacity building of our partners and potential  clients, said Dr. Sathyanaryan, Advisory Group member

As “International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  has asked to “slash carbon emissions by 45% by 2030 and completely de carbonise by 2050 or risk climate catastrophe,  as world temperatures rise above the critical threshold of 1.5 degree Celsius, its  essentially important  for not  only for our  political leadership but also  for  business  houses  and multinational  companies  to  collaborate &cooperate  for  the social & economic sustainability, said  Dr. TV Muralivallabhan, advisory group and expert –Sustainability & Eco-spirituality.

As India has become hub for new age start-ups, specially in technology & energy front,  hence we will  work jointly  to support  new  start-ups and  attract impact investors (VCs) with our  global partners &  through our proposed “Impact Academy”,  mentioned  Silvio Casco, Advisory Group member &  CEO –Lagos Capital,  Florida, USA.

With our expertise to study  impact  of  businesses, we can extend our domain knowledge and  experience to educate  Indian companies& citizens on “Conscious Consumerism”, said Maria Sillanpaa, CEO Sustainability Advisory , Dubai/UAE.

It is  very important  to launch  such initiative, which is going to help businesses to grow with global prospective in small  countries like  Nepal, Bangladesh  & Sri-Lanka  said Pradeep Vaidya, MD of leading Pharma Group  Nepal.

Mission  like  “Conscious Ventures”  will not  only sensitize  business leadership on collective consciousness but  also engage other stakeholders from Govt., Non Govt., Academia, Civil Society organisation  and media  as  its  time to work “together to recover  better” (post Covid-19), said  Dr. Vivek Agarwal,  leading Waste Management Expert and founder CDC, Jaipur.

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