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  • Citizens expect mission to move beyond digital and enable grass root entrepreneurship.
  • Corruption, Inefficiencies  are top barriers to entrepreneurship and must be addressed.
  • Enabling ecosystems needed in cities to drive and enable starting up easily.

New Delhi, Delhi , India

LocalCircles (, India’s leading citizen engagement platform today announced the results of its survey and discussion on Start-Ups and Entrepreneurship. With over 14,000 citizens responding to each question and over 35,000 unique citizens participating in the polls and discussions, it provides insights into current challenges as well a blue print for the key areas that the mission must focus on to enable Start Ups and Entrepreneurship in India.

A number of questions were asked to determine what is needed in this mission.  While the normal association of start-ups is with digital companies only, almost 98 % citizens want that the definition of start-ups should be expanded to include grass roots entrepreneurship.

Moreover, while capital is perceived as the biggest barrier to entrepreneurship citizens do not see it as such, with only 14 % voting on it as a barrier. 59 % of the citizens believe that it is the inefficiencies, corruption, delays and bad business practices that are the biggest barriers to entrepreneurship. 13 % believe that lack of a supportive ecosystem was a barrier while 13% believed registration and taxation related processes and keeping up with them was a barrier. In response to another question, citizens also outlined a clear need for a local start-up ecosystem in their town.

In addition to the survey, an in-depth discussion was held on expectations from the Start-up India mission. Below are the key findings from this discussion :

Expectations from Start-up India Mission

  1. This initiative should solve a number of common issues that start-ups have
  2. It should create national and local city level frameworks that act as a one stop help for all information/registration/clearance for the start-ups
  3. This initiative should enable entrepreneurs to easily report inefficiencies and corruption and make the whole business ecosystem more effective
  4. It should help in removing poverty to a great extent in urban and semi urban areas by creating lots of jobs
  5. It should encourage people to innovate and start their own business
  6. It should help people to easily get feedback on how they should go about building a business in their sector and their market
  7. It should enable start-ups to easily find partners, vendors, initial pilot customers etc.
  8. It should touch and enable the grass root entrepreneur and not just the start-ups that need millions of dollars of funding
  9. It should make access to funding and loans much easier and faster than it is today
  10. It should enable start-ups with protection mechanism against bad business practices by private and Government organizations like payment delays or defaults
  11. Online and On-ground Communities for start-ups and entrepreneurship should be established in every town of India
  12. The mission should enable start-ups with access to credit facilities at cheaper rates
  13. CGTMSE scheme should not just be advertised outside banks but should exist in practicality
  14. Entrepreneurs setting up businesses in remote and undeveloped locations should be given tax sops and other incentives
  15. The mission should provide a list of Industrial/IT sites available for start-ups in every state along with benefits offered.
  16. It should create entrepreneur service centre in every town of India thereby enabling single window clearance, registration and filing for entrepreneurs
  17. It should provide a 2 year tax and filing moratorium from business start-up /registration date to all entrepreneurs.

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