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New Delhi, Delhi, India

India has progressed in every sphere of life including the fields of education, healthcare sector, industrial sector and private sector, but when it comes to providing equal opportunity to poor and downtrodden, we are far behind. A country with 1.25 billion population has still not been able to provide basic amenities. Government efforts charity organizations are working to overcome this problem but to serve this population more hands are required.

National Organisation for Social Empowerment focuses on mainly two pressing problems of India; Education and Health. We believe if these two problems are addressed properly then poverty can be eradicated in a very short time from India. Our various programs such as Project Cure, Sewa Bhawan, and Rehab Centre in the last 6 years have made an impact on the society. Hundreds of students get free education, every month a dozen of patients receive our financial help and our health camps at various locations in Delhi are just few examples among many how we are serving the society.

Rehab Centre located in Tughlakabad Extension is a fine example of our efforts. It is much more than a typical Rehab. Here, children are educated, nutritious food are provided, physiotherapy and many more facilities are provided to form a prosperous society. It has become a centre where life is celebrated in full form. And it has become all possible due to the vision of the National Organisation for Social Empowerment.

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