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New Delhi

ÇELEBI Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd. in association with NIV Art & Cultural Society, a Delhi based NGO and PUTUL ARTS has initiated a vocational training program of Doll Making from scrap & waste material for Underprivileged and Street Women.

As part of its CSR practice, the aim of this exercise, facilitated by NIV and Mrs. Sheela Choudhary, Founder at PUTUL ARTS is aimed at offering training to twenty trainees for six months so that they become self- dependant. Mrs. Choudhary is a well-known name in the industry as the trainer/ faculty of Doll Making. Starting August 2016 for three weeks, during the ongoing training sessions, each week there will be a display of the finished material to promote efficiency and encourage the performance of trainees.

CELEBI Organises Doll Making Training Workshop

Çelebi  through its social responsibility projects aspires to form the framework of the principle of giving back to the community via different activities, particularly in terms of nurturing the community  by providing direct or indirect support.

Till now, Çelebi has supported many environmental protection and educational activities and has taken up active roles in related projects.   The aim of even this initiative is to help women living and working on the streets of Delhi to realize their dreams and re-join society by offering opportunities for street women and society alike to make changes in their lives. The trainees are facilitated by the pick and drop facility. Çelebi has further ensured provisions such as well-equipped Classrooms for the workshop, wherein trainees would also be supplied with hygienic Food & Water during the sessions.

Participants at the end of the training will also be provided a “Certificate of Training” by Celebi and NIV.

Çelebi has been committed to work towards the promotion of sustainable growth & development of the country. For instance the company buy ativan in us through this project would provide training to twenty trainees for three days a week. The training sessions in turn would be accompanied by the Token of Appreciation provided to the Underprivileged and Women to make them Self Dependent thereby also keeping them motivated to complete training at the workshop.

Çelebi plans to initiate more such initiatives, based on its International lineage, with an objective to demonstrate firm commitment of the company towards its community building exercise to ensure development of society and achieve growth which will further lead to better living standards and per capita income. It continues to invest in tomorrow by speeding in implementing its endeavors, and especially value the work with community’s floor that in turn would contribute to the development of the country.

About Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd.
Çelebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd., was formed in November 2009 when Turkish Ground Handling Major Çelebi Aviation Holding was awarded concession by the airport’s operator, Delhi International Airport Private Ltd (DIAL) for providing cargo handling services at Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI), New Delhi. As per the concession,Çelebi  has been entrusted to develop, modernize and finance the existing cargo terminal for a period of 25 years. For more information please visit

About Çelebi Aviation Holding
Çelebi Aviation Holding, as a group provides ground handling and cargo handling services to almost all the known carriers worldwide. With an experience of more than 55 years spread over 2 continents & 36 different countries Çelebi today provides Passenger service, Ramp Services, Load Control, Transportation, Representation, Administration and Supervision, Cargo and Mail / Storage Services, Carrier Truck and Off-line cargo handling, Support Services, Aircraft Security Services, General Aviation Services and Platinum Services. Globally, Çelebi, is developing the framework of the principle of giving back to the community in the form of different activities, particularly in Health, Education and Environment. For further information please visit

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