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  • 71 NGOs participated in three regional workshops in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.
  • FCRA laws, governance issues, compliances, CSR laws, communication management were covered during the workshops.


Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) India, in collaboration with Oracle, organised three regional workshops across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to help build the capacity of 71 Oracle-supported NGOs to effectively implement CSR projects. The workshops focused on grant management, financial management, programme implementation cycles, legal compliance, and use of digital media to highlight programme impact.

The workshops brought together implementing partners working in diverse areas. In the area of Education, Oracle NGO partners’ projects range from training primary school teachers to deliver science, technology, engineering, art and and maths curriculum better to helping to ensure that children stay in school. In the area of Environment, projects range from developing wildlife corridors and providing alternative livelihoods for people living around wildlife sanctuaries to cleaning up lakes.In the area of Community, projects range from training health workers in maternal and child care to providing entrepreneurship training.

The workshops were envisioned as a way to strengthen the working relationships among CAF India, Oracle, and Oracle-supported NGOs and explore how to deliver high-impact CSR projects and programmes that will improve and transform the lives of the marginalised populations, help students stay in school and develop valuable skills, and protect the natural world for generations to come.

Rajendra Tripathi, Senior Manager, Oracle Corporate Citizenship, India, said, ‘’We are supporting 71nonprofits working to advance education, protect the environment, and enrich communities in India. This requires us to monitor and support projects across 21 states to effectively drive our corporate citizenship strategy. Regional workshops like these are vital to build the capacities of nonprofits so that they can deliver a lasting, positive impact on the ground.’’

CAF India and Oracle Organises Regional Workshops
Participants from NGOs supported under Oracle CSR grant attending Workshop

In that spirit, the workshops aimed at turning ideas into impact, and objectives into accomplishments, as nonprofits were provided a platform to develop mutually agreed upon systems and processes in connection with their Oracle grants.

Meenakshi Batra, CEO, CAF India, added, “To take a CSR project from idea to impact, it is important for all stakeholders to come together on a common platform. CAF India has been working to strengthen the organizational capacity of NGOs in order to create maximum impact for their beneficiaries. We have witnessed several gaps in NGO management ranging from  governance and overall management to reporting. Socially responsible companies like Oracle realise the importance of helping their grantees adopt best practices in project management, fiscal discipline, and rigor in the evaluation of their projects’ impacts.’’

These workshops covered a wide range of challenges faced by nonprofits and the corporate sector in implementing corporate citizenship initiatives, focusing on legal compliances, nuances of CSR rules, importance of effective communication in the NGO sector, budgets and financial management of the grants for most impactful outcomes.

Gayatri Subramaniam, Chief Program Executive and Convener, NFCSR, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA), reasoned,“Proper mechanisms need to be in place to deliver on CSR approachesof the corporate sector. For this, many NGOs would need to strengthen themselves. This cancreate a multiplier effect to their projects in order to ensure maximum impact.’’

The workshops primarily focused on strengthening partnerships among all the stakeholders in order to achieve common goals.

The regional workshops brought together nearly 200 participants from the nonprofit sector, working in the areas of education, environment, and community development, supported by Oracle.

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Established in 1998, we CAF is a not-for-profit organisation working to build a society motivated to give ever more effectively and help transform lives, and communities. In order to achieve this vision, CAF India has been actively engaged with stakeholders across a broad spectrum of areas. We are part of the CAF Global Alliance that has nine offices internationally and distributes funds to over 100 countries across the world.

CAF India’s wide range of philanthropic solutions includes delivering on the CSR commitments of corporate, and nonprofits through grant management, CSR strategy development, programme management, employee giving, capacity building, disaster support, employee engagement, volunteering and communication advocacy, tailored to meet business objectives. We have a proven track record of conducting due diligence of more than 1600 NGOs till date.

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