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Learning & Development is a continuous process in our life. The more competent we are, more confident we become.

Keshav Sridhar
Keshav Sridhar – Master Trainer & Facilitator

The prime requirement in our journey towards excellence is the willingness to learn, the appetite to apply the learning through our work and the heart to accept the result as an outcome of our efforts. If the effort put in to achieve a task is optimum and in the right direction, the desired result has to follow. Hence, the success mantra is to streamline and channelize our effort in-sync with our goal. However, one of the biggest challenge we face in this pursuit of happiness is the lack of confidence and as discussed, that in turn is because we lack the required competence.

The best way to start feeling confident is to start equipping ourself and get fully occupied with our work. Many times we tend to make a mountain out of a mole because we have the leisure to do so. If we don’t have hands full of work, we tend to pick up a magnifying glass with our work less hands and start magnifying petty things and fill our mind with unnecessary and unproductive thoughts. The more we do this, more we are hurting our self-image.

The power of self-belief is such that what appeared impossible earlier, will become a possibility and  ‘exuberant dexterity’ is the only way to build self-belief and confidence.

Whenever we are stuck in doubt, paralyzed by the opinion of others and feeling low; these words will surely help us to progress ahead towards our goal with full vigor.

“Maximum focus on our work, Moderate focus on the opinion of our loved one’s & Minimum focus on the opinion of others”.

Hence, it is very important for the companies to understand that, while conducting ‘Learning &  Development’ programs, apart from helping individuals to gain knowledge and develop their skills,  companies should most importantly focus on empowering them to break free from stereo types and  nurture an attitude of reasoning and the conviction to follow their gut. Let’s remember, if attitude is  proper, everything else will be in order.

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