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Mumbai : Brillio, a global technology consulting and business solutions company focused on digital technologies and big data analytics, today announced that as part of its CSR effort, Bringing Smiles, it will provide digital infrastructure to government schools to improve technology learning in children from underprivileged communities. Bringing Smiles, an on-going global CSR initiative, looks to achieve a goal of reaching 100,000 young minds by replicating the program in cities across the world where Brillio has offices.

Through this ambitious initiative, Brillio will enable over 100,000 young minds globally to thrive in a new digital economy through e-learning projects, innovation workshops, interactive self-learning initiatives and active skills sharing. Brillio employee volunteers have pledged 100,000 hours of their time to play a critical role in making Bringing Smiles a success thereby looking to leave a deep impact on the lives of these young minds.

“I truly believe that by exposing underprivileged children to disruptive technologies early in life fuels their imagination and in turn democratizes the innovation and entrepreneurship process,” said Raj Mamodia, CEO of Brillio.

Speaking of Bringing Smiles, Swami Aswathy Thirunal, Head of Eklavya Ashram (Home for Mothers & Children), Trivandrum said, “Brillio has truly helped us in giving our children’s dreams a chance at becoming a reality. From scholarships to computers, the lives of these little children have been enriched by Brillio’s efforts at bringing smiles”.

Brillio has also initiated ‘Innovation Day for Li’l Champs’ aligned with their vision of ‘Fuelling dreams with innovation’, where the top students from across partner schools are given a half-day digitally-focused, practical-learning session. Brillio intends to select gifted young minds from this program and work with them to develop a self-learning mobile app, thereby making them more future-ready.

“Our children enjoy learning through the e-learning centre provided by Brillio. Brillio has  truly brought smiles to the faces of the children of our school”, said Cynthia Peters, Teacher-In-Charge, Government Model Primary School, Bellandur, Bangalore.

About Brillio :
Brillio is a global technology consulting firm focused on leveraging emerging technologies for innovation and application modernization. Focused on creating innovative digital experiences for clientele, Brillio uses advanced digital engineering to ensure these experiences run smoothly, ands enables customer-facing and operational insights with the power of big data analytics. Brillio brings business expertise to clients in the Banking and Finance, Utilities, CPG, Retail, Technology, Media and Entertainment industries and is proud to serve leaders in Fortune 500 from these industries. Visit us at On Facebook at BrillioGlobal. On Twitter @BrillioGlobal.

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