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New Delhi

In a formal event at Sahitya Academy, situated in Mandi House , Mr. B.L Gaur launched his latest book “Jaati Hui Dhoop” on Wednesday. The chief guest of the event was President of Sahitya Academy, Dr. Vishwa Nath Tripathi , who also was accompanied by Dr. Ramdarash Mishra, Mr. Balswaroop Raahi, and as special guests Dr. Govind Vyas and Dr. Kunwar Bechain were also present. The whole event was conducted by Dr. Amarnath Amar.

In his previous compositions, Mr. Gaur has written various books on Ayurvedic Research, which included, ‘Understanding Ayurveda’, and ‘Research In Ayurveda: Past & Present’. Along with these, his literary works includes where to buy antibiotics online popular books like, “Meethi Eid’ and ‘Yatharth Se Sanvaad’. The book “Jaati Hui Dhoop” is an anthology of poems reflecting on the aspect of life, and Mr. Gaur’s fifth composition in his array of poem collections. Speaking at the launch Mr. Gaur Said, “ In my book I tried to pour in the different strokes of life, elaborating the ups and downs of it. We all go through these feeling in the walk of our life. Every poem in this book will surely touch the reader’s soul and impact his senses. I hope all my readers enjoy reading the book and feel its essence.”

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