Author: Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas

Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas, an experienced board and audit committee chair and vision holder of successful transformation programmes, holds board and academic appointments. He has helped business leaders in over 40 countries to improve director, board and corporate performance. Author of over 60 books and reports he has held professorial appointments in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, India and China. A fellow of seven chartered bodies he was educated at the LSE, London Business School, UNISA, USC and the Universities of Aston and Chicago.

During the summer on July 16 Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a new Skill India logo and a family of projects with the objective of training over 400 million people across India in a range of skills by 2022. Along with a mission and a policy for skill development and entrepreneurship a Skill Loan scheme was announced and financial incentives for those who complete approved training. Like other recent initiatives the projects are certainly well-intentioned. They address a range of current issues, but much will depend upon how they are implemented and whether they are joined up with other initiatives…

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