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Hyderabad, India

Aarogya, a one-day international conference on cancer prevention will be organized at Hyderabad on Sunday, May 13th; in the presence of many prominent celebrities and industry stalwarts who have been cancer survivors themselves. Celebrities like actress Gautami, noted classical danseuse Ananda Jayant, along with special invitees Dr David Christopher and Jeremy Ann Anderson will attend the event and share their experiences.

The conference, to be inaugurated by Dr C Laxma Reddy, Minister for Health, Govt. of Telangana, emerges from the need to create awareness around cancer and help people understand that there’s a way around the “C – word”. The mission of this day-long event is to focus on not just the treatment; but also, on early diagnosis and steps that can be taken today to prevent cancer.

According to a recent study conducted by Jama Oncology, 50% of cancer cases diagnosed are preventable. And the nature of cancer control is changing, with an increasing emphasis, fueled by public and political demand, on prevention, early diagnosis and patient experience during and after treatment.

Commenting on the conference, Mr. Pankaj Singh, Founder, Aarogya said, “This is not just any social cause that we decided to take up. This is born from first-hand witnessing what cancer does to a family and a personal understanding of the pain and sufferance. Cancer leaves families with so many unanswered questions – “Why us?”, “What can we do to make sure this never happens to us or to anyone else?” This program is created from a humane and urgent desire to reach out to people and tell them that we are eager to fight it with them.”

“With talks by notable doctors who are pushing research and providing alternative methods to prevent cancer, and by survivors with their stories to share, the conference is a great way to not only interact but witness how medical advancements work to both cure cancer and be equipped with the knowledge to prevent it,” he added.

The conference kick-starts with an audience that acknowledges this disease and wants to hear the collective experiences of how each has or is dealing with cancer. It is looking at these key discussion points for an effective dialogue:

  • An integrated understanding of Allopathy, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, any and every way to combat
  • Bringing together a group of experts from all these fields and talk primarily about prevention
  • Realising that prevention translates to not just ways of warding the disease off in the first place but also targeting the fear and state of relapse
  • Talking about the hereditary nature of the disease and ways around it

Renowned speakers are participating in cancer prevention conference, Aarogya.
Sarat Addanki , CEO, Ayurway – India, Krishna Madappa, President, The Institute of Science, Spirituality & Sustainability – USA, Dr. K. J. Malagi, Professor & Head, Division of Ayurveda, CIMR, Manipal Academy of Higher Education – India, Viki Vaurora, Founder, The Great Legalisation Movement – India , Vasudha Mathur, Chief Dietician, Basavataraam Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute – India, Steffi Mac, Cancer Survivor & Founder, Can We Not (YouTube Channel) – India, Neelam Kumar, Cancer Survivor & Author, To Cancer, With Love – India, Sravan Reddy , Yoga Consultant, Sri Sri Holistic Hospitals – India, Jeremy Ann Anderson, Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, Master Teacher at California College of Ayurveda – USA, Dr Priti Parekh, Founder, Fountain of Health Wellness and Chronic Disease Clinic – USA, Dr Abhishek Rai, M.D. Psychiatry & Psychiatrist, University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre – USA, Amarpali Singh, Founder, Cross Connection Poetree – India, Sabika Abbas Naqvi, Founder of Sar-e-Rahguzar: Poetry on the Streets – India, Dr Venugopala Chary S, Special Representative, Telangana Government – India, Pradnya Umrani, Cancer Survivor, Passionate about Ayurveda – USA, Shankar Raventhiran, President, Green Anthem Foods Inc. – Canada, Rajashekar Reddy Seelam, Founder and Managing Director, Sresta Natural Bioproducts Pvt. Ltd. – India, Serena Malkani, Sound Practitioner, Ayurvedic Counselor, and Organizational Psychologist and Sunitha Tati, Cancer Survivor, Founder & CEO, Guru Group and Founder & MD, Support Cancer Awareness Foundation – India

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