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  • 80% Citizens say they would be happy to pay a retrieval fee for it.
  • Provide a list of collective recommendations for legal/judicial reforms.

LocalCircles, India’s leading independent citizen engagement platform has found that a whopping 97% of the over 13,000 citizens that were surveyed said they want video recording and CCTV monitoring in all courts. Over 80% of the citizens who were surveyed also said that they are willing to pay a retrieval fee for that video in the event it was a paid service.

In addition to the citizens asking for video recording of proceedings in courts, the citizens have given a wide variety of collective inputs on improving the legal and judicial system of India. Over 20 recommendations have collectively been made by citizens to improve the legal and judicial system of India. Below are the details :

Poll # 1 – Should CCTV and video recordings be implemented in courts :

CCTV and video recordings – Courts

Poll # 2 –  Would you be willing to pay a video retrieval charge :

CCTV and video recordings in Courts – Expense on Citizens

Here are some collective citizen recommendations on what should be done to improve the legal and judicial system of India :

  1. More judges should be appointed and the number of court holidays should be decreased.
  2. All the case files should be computerised.
  3. More authority to be given to lower courts to close cases.
  4. Cases should be put into different categories and every category should have a time limit in which each case is to be closed.
  5. More courts should be established in the Block level where family disputes/petty affair of crime/harassment/eve teasing etc. could be dealt with quickly.
  6. A set number of cases should be taken up by the lower courts every day.
  7. The liberty of judges to adjourn and grant dates should be limited to a maximum of 3.
  8. Judicial categories with sector expertise could be developed so that the cases could be closed quickly (e.g. Company Law Board and National Green Tribunal).
  9. Time limits should be specified for filing a charge sheet by police.
  10. British era laws should be modified and they should have no room for misinterpretation.
  11. Every court should have CCTV monitoring with video recording made of every court proceeding.
  12. Government should fast track the process of establishing the IJS (India Judicial Services).
  13. Some of the retired judges should be allotted responsibility of overseeing the lower courts and help in quick closure of cases.
  14. Immediate release should be done of all undertrials who have spent more time in jail than required by the committed crime.
  15. Amend law to punish all those who lie/change statement and use system to their advantage.
  16. Lok Adalats should be made a regular, with their procedures being fast and simple.
  17. Fast speed courts for female and child related cases should be set up.
  18. Legal advisory should be made freely available for poor/EWS people.
  19. Lawyers who do not appear in court, on date and in time, should be heavily fined with recurrence leading to disbarment from practice.
  20. Medical certificates should be accepted only from court-authorised doctors/hospitals.
  21. The quasi-judicial authorities and lower judiciary should be made more accountable for their decisions.
  22. Uniformity or same standards should be followed by all courts/forums for deciding the case (e.g. different High Courts interpret same law differently and award different punishment for the same crime).
  23. Civil society should have a role in the appointment of judges through Eminent Citizens placed on appointments committee.

About LocalCircles :
LocalCircles is India’s leading citizen engagement platform that connects citizens at local, city and national level to participate in governance and make their urban life better. LocalCircles has more than 1,000,000 citizens connected on it across the country. All data and poll results are an exclusive copyright of LocalCircles so please give due credit.

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